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One Fish Two Fish

Red Fish Blue Fish

Aquarium Journal
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Welcome to 1fish_2fish, the community to talk about fish, and everything remotely connected to fish ;)
Come in and make yourself at home-tell us about your fish-post some pictures of your tanks/fish..

Looking for a local fish store? Try the FINS store directory.

Looking for basic fish info? Try The Krib for basic fish knowledge, especially if you're starting up your tank!

IMPORTANT: When asking for help for your sick fish, please try to describe as many of your tank conditions as possible, otherwise it's really hard to help unless you go into detail.

For Example:

1. Water parameters
a) Temerature range.
b) pH.
c) GH.
d) KH
e)Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, levels.
f) Water change frequency
(Most LFS's will check your water and give a list of readings).

2. Tank set up
a) Size.
b) Substrate.
c) Filtration.
d) Furnishings.
e) Other tank mates.
f) How long has it been set-up?
g) When was the last new fish added?
h) Is there a heater in the tank?

3. Symptoms / Problem description

4. Action taken (if any)

5. Medications used (if any)

Any posts without this sort of information will only slow down our ability to give you the help you want. Please help us help you

If you have any concerns about a post, please contact one of the community maintainer, botia. Please do not take it upon yourself to chastise someone; contact one of the maintainers instead.

Please also make certain your information is accurate before providing advice to other users; to do otherwise is to compromise the health of the recipient's animals, which is not acceptable. Additionally, animal abusers are not welcome in this community.

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